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  • And the Lord troubled them at the sight of Israel: and he slew them with a great slaughter in Gabaon, and pursued them by the way of the ascent to Beth-horon, and cut them off all the way to Azeca and Maceda. (Joshua 10, 10)

  • For the five kings were fled, and had hidden themselves in a cave of the city of Maceda. (Joshua 10, 16)

  • And it was told Josue that the five kings were found hidden in a cave of the city of Maceda. (Joshua 10, 17)

  • And all the army returned to Josue in Maceda, where the camp then was, in good health and without the loss of any one: and no man durst move his tongue against the children of Israel. (Joshua 10, 21)

  • The same day Josue took Maceda and destroyed it, with the edge of the sword, and killed the king and all the inhabitants thereof: he left not in it the least remains. And he did to the king of Maceda, as he had done to the king of Jericho. (Joshua 10, 28)

  • And he passed from Maceda with all Israel to Lebna, and fought against it: (Joshua 10, 29)

  • The king of Maceda one, the king of Bethel one, (Joshua 12, 16)

  • And Gideroth and Bethdagon and Naama and Maceda: sixteen cities, and their villages. (Joshua 15, 41)

“A maior alegria de um pai é que os filhos se amem, formem um só coração e uma só alma. Não fostes vós que me escolhestes, mas o pai celeste que, na minha primeira missa, me fez ver todos os filhos que me confiava”.(P.e Pio) São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina