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  • it was folly, not wisdom; I did not know you better than the beasts. (Psalms 73, 22)

  • So make us know the shortness of our life, that we may gain wisdom of heart. (Psalms 90, 12)

  • How varied O Lord, are your works! In wisdom you have made them all - the earth full of your creatures. (Psalms 104, 24)

  • that he might train his princes and teach his elders wisdom. (Psalms 105, 22)

  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; prudent are those who live by his precepts. To him belongs everlasting praise. (Psalms 111, 10)

  • In wisdom he made the heavens, his kindness endures forever. (Psalms 136, 5)

  • The Lord is great and mighty in power; his wisdom is beyond measure. (Psalms 147, 5)

  • It was also reported in these archives how Solomon, inspired by his wisdom, offered the sacrifice of the dedication and completion of the Temple. (2 Maccabees 2, 9)

  • for you to obtain wisdom and instruction, to penetrate words of significance, (Proverbs 1, 2)

  • The beginning of knowledge is the fear of Yahweh, only fools have contempt for wisdom and discipline. (Proverbs 1, 7)

  • Wisdom shouts aloud in the streets, she raises her voice in the marketplace; (Proverbs 1, 20)

  • with your ear attentive to wisdom and your heart obedient to understanding; (Proverbs 2, 2)

“Se quisermos colher é necessário não só semear, mas espalhar as sementes num bom campo. Quando as sementes se tornarem plantas, devemos cuidá-las para que as novas plantas não sejam sufocadas pelas ervas daninhas.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina