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  • And it may be better not to eat meat, or drink wine, or anything else that causes your brother or sister to stumble. (Romans 14, 21)

  • Do not get drunk: wine leads to levity; but be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 5, 18)

  • He must not be addicted to wine or quarrelsome, but gentle and peaceful, and not a lover of money, (1 Timothy 3, 3)

  • Deacons, likewise, must be serious and sincere and moderate in drinking wine, not greedy for money, (1 Timothy 3, 8)

  • Do not drink only water but take a little wine to help your digestion, because of your frequent illness. (1 Timothy 5, 23)

  • Since the overseer (or bishop) is the steward of God's house, he must be beyond reproach: not proud, hot-headed, overfond of wine, quarrelsome or greedy for gain. (Titus 1, 7)

  • The older women in like manner must behave as befits holy women, not given to gossiping or drinking wine, (Titus 2, 3)

  • Then from the midst of the four living creatures a voice was heard: "A measure of wheat for a piece of silver, and three measures of barley for a piece, as well! Do not spoil the oil or the wine." (Revelation 6, 6)

  • he will also drink the wine of God's anger which has been prepared, undiluted, in the cup of his fury: he will be tortured by fire and brimstone, in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb." (Revelation 14, 10)

  • The Great City was split into three, while the cities of the nations collapsed. For the time had come for Babylon the Great to be remembered before God and to be given the cup of the foaming wine of his anger. (Revelation 16, 19)

  • She it is who let the kings of the earth sin with her; and with the wine of her lewdness the inhabitants of the earth have become drunk." (Revelation 17, 2)

  • She has made all nations drunk with the wine of her lewdness, fornicated with kings of the earth, and glutted the world's merchants with her wantonness and wealth." (Revelation 18, 3)

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