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  • All the land of the Sidonians who live in the highlands from Lebanon to Misrephoth-maim westward. I myself will drive them all out before the Israelites. In the meantime, share out the land among the Israelites by drawing lots as I have commanded you. (Joshua 13, 6)

  • The time has come to divide this land among the nine tribes and half the tribe of Mannaseh: from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea westward you shall give it to them; the Mediterranean will mark their boundary." (Joshua 13, 7)

  • From Baalah the border bent westward to the mountain country of Seir, went on the northern slope of Mount Jearim, that is to say, Chesalon, went down to Beth-shemesh and through Timnah, (Joshua 15, 10)

  • then it went westward to the area of the Japhletites as far as the area of Lower Beth-horon. From there it went to Gezer, and reached the Mediterranean Sea. (Joshua 16, 3)

  • From Tappuah the border went westward to the stream Kanah and ended at the Mediterranean Sea. This was the land given to the tribe of Ephraim according to their clans, (Joshua 16, 8)

  • The northern border began at the Jordan, climbed to the northern side of Jericho, rose through the hill country westward and ended at the wilderness of Beth-aven. (Joshua 18, 12)

  • From there the border climbed westward to Maraalah, touching Dabbesheth first and then the stream east of Jokneam. (Joshua 19, 11)

  • But if I go eastward, he is not there; if I go westward, I still cannot see him. (Job 23, 8)

  • The prince is to have a domain on either side of the very holy land and of the land belonging to the city, and adjacent to both of them, stretching westward from the west and eastward from the east, its size equal to one of the portions between the west and the east frontiers of the country. (Ezekiel 45, 7)

  • What remains of the part set aside, after keeping out the consecrated portion, consists of ten thousand cubits eastward and ten thousand westward, alongside the consecrated portion; this will bring in a revenue for feeding the people working inside the city. (Ezekiel 48, 18)

  • What is left over on either side of the sacred portion and of the land belonging to the city, shall be for the prince, extending along the twenty-five thousand cubits eastward to the eastern frontier, and extending along the twenty-five thousand cubits westward to the western frontier - running parallel with the other portions. This is the portion for the prince with, the consecrated portion and the sanctuary of the Temple at the middle. (Ezekiel 48, 21)

  • I saw the ram charging westward, northward and southward. No animal could resist it, none could escape its power. It did as it pleased and so became great. (Daniel 8, 4)

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