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  • He told the people of Judah, "Let us rebuild these towns and surround them with walls and towers, with gates and bars while we have control of this land, since we have done the will of Yahweh our God; and he has protected us and given us peace on every side." (2 Chronicles 14, 6)

  • Zerubbabel, Joshua and the heads of the Israelite families answered them, "We cannot let you join us, for we alone must rebuild it, as Cyrus, king of Persia, has commanded." (Ezra 4, 3)

  • Therefore, order the people to stop work; they shall not rebuild that city without my authorization. (Ezra 4, 21)

  • Upon hearing them, Zerubbabel, son of Shealtiel, and Joshua, son of Jozadak, began to rebuild the House of God in Jerusalem. The prophets of God were with them, supporting them. (Ezra 5, 2)

  • This is the command I give as to what you should do to help those Jewish leaders rebuild the House of God: pay the expenses in full and without delay, with the income from taxes of the province at the other side of the River which is allotted to the king. (Ezra 6, 8)

  • We are no more than slaves, but in the midst of our slavery, God has not abandoned us, he has extended a merciful hand over us to support us before the kings of Persia. He has revived our life, enabled us to rebuild the House of our God, and to have walls in Jerusalem and in the other cities of Judah. (Ezra 9, 9)

  • said to the king, "If it seems good to the king and if he is pleased with my work, then may he send me to the land of Judah, to the city where my fathers are buried, that I may rebuild it." (Nehemiah 2, 5)

  • Then I said to them, "You your-selves see the misery we are in because Jerusalem lies in ruins and its gates burned. Come, let us rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and put an end to this humiliating situation." (Nehemiah 2, 17)

  • and said before his brothers and the lords of Samaria, "What are those miserable Jews trying to do? Are they perhaps going to rebuild, finish and celebrate the inauguration in a single day? Do they think they can make stones out of heaps of ruins?" (Nehemiah 3, 34)

  • The people of Judah said, "The strength of the bearers is already failing, and much debris still remains; we can never rebuild the wall." (Nehemiah 4, 4)

  • But God will again take pity on his people and they will return to their land. They will rebuild the Temple, though it will not be like the first one until better times come. When that time comes they will all return from captivity. They will rebuild Jerusalem in all its magnificence. In it they will rebuild the House of God in all its glory for all generations to come, just as the prophets have foretold. (Tobit 14, 5)

  • What he tears down, none can rebuild; the one he imprisons, none can release. (Job 12, 14)

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