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  • When the boys grew up, Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the open country; Jacob was a quiet man living in tents. (Genesis 25, 27)

  • Galaad remained on the other side of the Jordan, and Dan, why did you remain in your ships? Asher has remained on the seacoasts; he is quiet in his ports. (Judges 5, 17)

  • When the men of Gaza were notified that Samson had come, they made the rounds and lay in wait for him at the city gates. They kept quiet all night, thinking, "We will wait for him until dawn and then we will kill him." (Judges 16, 2)

  • The five men left and came to Laish. They saw that the inhabitants of that place were living in security according to the customs of the Sidonians - quiet and trusting people - with no one creating trouble. They lived far from the Sidonians and had no dealings with anyone else. (Judges 18, 7)

  • When you go, you shall meet a quiet people; the land is vast and God has given it into our hands, a place which does not lack anything." (Judges 18, 0)

  • They said to him, "Be quiet!" Put your hand on your mouth and come with us. You shall be a father and priest to us. Do you prefer to be a priest in the house of one individual or to be a priest for a tribe of Israel?" (Judges 18, 19)

  • The Danites answered him, "Be quiet now lest some ill-tempered men fall upon you, and kill you and your household." (Judges 18, 25)

  • As for them, they now had the gods which Micah had fashioned and the priest he had in his service, and they marched on against Laish, a quiet and trusting people. They put the inhabitants to the sword and burned the city. (Judges 18, 27)

  • When they see us, if they cry out: 'Stay there and we shall go over to you,' we shall stay quiet and go no further. (1 Samuel 14, 9)

  • The fellow prophets in Bethel went out to welcome Elisha and said to him, "Don't you know that today Yahweh will take your master away from you?" He answered them, "Yes, I also know it. So, be quiet." (2 Kings 2, 3)

  • So they went on to Jericho. The fellow prophets in Jericho approached Elisha and said to him, "Do you not know that Yahweh is to take your master away today?" Elisha answered, "Yes, I know it. Be quiet." (2 Kings 2, 5)

  • You now feel very proud since you conquered the Edomites. Be content with your fame and be quiet in your own house lest disgrace befall you and the people of Judah." (2 Kings 14, 10)

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