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  • Joshua rose early in the morning and ordered the tribes of Israel to present themselves. (Joshua 7, 16)

  • Very early in the morning, Joshua rose and mustered his army, and then marched at the head of the people, accompanied by the leaders. (Joshua 8, 10)

  • By early morning at sunrise, go and rush upon the city. When Gaal comes out against you with his men, you may do to him whatever you wish." (Judges 9, 33)

  • On the fourth day, they rose early in the morning and the Levite prepared to leave. But the father of the young maiden said to his son-in-law, "Eat some bread first so you can regain your strength, then you can go." (Judges 19, 5)

  • On the fifth day, he again rose early in the morning to go, but the father of the young maiden said to him, "Have more patience and stay until evening." So they ate together. (Judges 19, 8)

  • But when the husband, his concubine and his servant stood up to leave, the father-in-law said to his son-in-law, "Look, it's already getting dark. Spend the night here and enjoy yourself. You can leave early tomorrow morning and be on your way home." (Judges 19, 9)

  • But those men would not listen to him. So the man took his concubine and brought her outside. They violated and maltreated her the whole night until morning. At dawn, they left her. (Judges 19, 25)

  • At early morning, the woman came and fell at the entrance of the man's house where her husband was. She lay there until it was day. (Judges 19, 26)

  • When her husband rose up in the morning, opened the door of the house and went out to go on his way, he saw the woman, his concubine, lying at the entrance of the house, her hands on the threshold. (Judges 19, 27)

  • She came this morning and asked leave to glean behind the harvesters. Since then she has been working without a moment's rest." (Ruth 2, 7)

  • Stay here for the night. In the morning, if he wants to claim you - good! But if not - as surely as Yahweh lives - I will claim you myself. Lie here till morning." (Ruth 3, 13)

  • She lay at his feet till morning and got up before anyone could be recognized. For Boaz said, "It must not be known that a woman came to the threshing floor." (Ruth 3, 14)

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