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  • I claim nothing for myself! Only what the young men have eaten and the share that is due to Aner, Eshcol and Mamre, the men who came with me." (Genesis 14, 24)

  • Stay here for the night. In the morning, if he wants to claim you - good! But if not - as surely as Yahweh lives - I will claim you myself. Lie here till morning." (Ruth 3, 13)

  • I thought of bringing this matter to you before our elders here, because as the closer kin you have more right to lay claim to it. But if you have no wish to redeem it, let me know because I am next to you in line." The man replied, "I am willing to put in my claim. I will redeem it." (Ruth 4, 4)

  • May the shadow of death claim it as its own. May a cloud settle over it; may blackness obstruct its light. (Job 3, 5)

  • What is man to claim innocence, the child of woman to be cleared of guilt? (Job 15, 14)

  • he does not forsake their claim. He sets kings on their thrones and makes them firm forever. But if they raise themselves in pride, (Job 36, 7)

  • Joppa and Gazara, which you claim, did great harm to our people and laid waste our land; but we are prepared to give you a hundred talents for them." Athenobius did not say anything, (1 Maccabees 15, 35)

  • Joshua, son of Nun, was a valiant arrior and as a prophet he was the successor of Moses. He lived up to his name, proving himself to be a savior of God's chosen people, punishing the enemies that attacked them and leading Israel to claim their land. (Ecclesiasticus 46, 1)

  • Your rulers are tyrants, partners of thieves. They love a bribe and look around for gifts. No one protects the orphan, or listens to the claim of the widow. (Isaiah 1, 23)

  • Does the axe claim more credit than the man who wields it? Does the saw magnify itself more than the one who uses it? This would be like a rod wielding the man who lifts it up; will those not made of wood, be controlled by the cudgel? (Isaiah 10, 15)

  • Listen to what Yahweh said to me, "Stand up, let the mountains hear your claim, and the hills listen to your plea." (Micah 6, 1)

  • "So says Yahweh of hosts: This people claim that the time to rebuild the House of Yahweh has not yet come. (Haggai 1, 2)

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