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  • And John said, quoting the prophet Isaiah, "I am the voice crying out in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord." (John 1, 23)

  • Indeed the words spoken by the prophet Isaiah had to be fulfilled: Lord, who has believed what we proclaimed? To whom have the ways of God the Savior been made known? (John 12, 38)

  • They could not believe. Isaiah had said elsewhere: (John 12, 39)

  • Isaiah said this when he saw His Glory, and his words refer to Him. (John 12, 41)

  • and was on his way home. He was sitting in his carriage and reading the prophet Isaiah. (Acts 8, 28)

  • So Philip ran up and heard the man reading the prophet Isaiah; and he asked, "Do you really understand what you are reading?" The Ethiopian replied, (Acts 8, 30)

  • Finally the Jews left, still arguing strongly among themselves; and Paul sent them away with this statement:"What the Holy Spirit said has come true, when he spoke to your ancestors through the prophet Isaiah: (Acts 28, 25)

  • With regard to Israel, Isaiah proclaims: Even if the Israelites are as numerous as the sand of the sea, only a few will be saved. (Romans 9, 27)

  • Isaiah also announced: If the Almighty Lord had not left us some descendants, we would have become like Sodom and similar to Gomorrah. (Romans 9, 29)

  • Although not everyone obeyed the good news, as Isaiah said: Lord, who has believed in our preaching? (Romans 10, 16)

  • Isaiah dares to add more: I was found by those not looking for me, I have shown myself to those not asking for me. (Romans 10, 20)

  • While referring to Israel, the same Isaiah says: I hold out my hands the whole day long to a disobedient and rebellious people. (Romans 10, 21)

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