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  • Leah said, "How happy I am! Women will call me happy." So she named him Asher. (Genesis 30, 13)

  • Follow all the way which Yahweh has marked out for you, and you will live and be happy and you will live long in the land you are going to conquer. (Deuteronomy 5, 33)

  • You shall do what is right and good in the eyes of Yahweh that you may be happy and may come to possess the splendid land which he swore to your fathers (Deuteronomy 6, 18)

  • Yahweh has commanded us to put into practice all these precepts and to fear him, our God. Because of this, we are happy and alive today, (Deuteronomy 6, 24)

  • The newly married man shall not go to war or be given other public duties. He shall be exempt from everything throughout the year, that he may stay in his house and make his wife happy. (Deuteronomy 24, 5)

  • Yahweh will gather you even from there, and will take you once again to the land which your fathers possessed so that it may also be yours. He will make you happy and make you more numerous than your fathers. (Deuteronomy 30, 5)

  • Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by Yahweh? He is the shield that protects you, the sword that gives you victory! Your enemies shall flee from you, but you, you are outstanding in everything." (Deuteronomy 33, 29)

  • Gideon the son of Joash died at a happy old age, and he was buried in the tomb of Joash his father, in Ophrah of Abiezer. (Judges 8, 32)

  • When Jephthah returned home to Mizpah, his daughter came out to meet him. She was so happy to see her father that she danced to the sound of her tambourine. She was an only child; besides her he had no other daughter or son. (Judges 11, 34)

  • As they were very happy, they said, "Bring out Samson that he may amuse us." They brought him out of prison and he amused them. Then they had him placed between the columns (Judges 16, 25)

  • This made the priest happy, so he took the ephod, the small idols and the statue, and went with the troops. (Judges 18, 20)

  • Feeling happy after eating and drinking, Boaz went to lie down at the end of the pile of grain. Ruth then approached quietly, turned back the covering of his feet and lay there. (Ruth 3, 7)

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