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  • After these things happened, he said to his brothers: “God will visit you after my death, and he will make you ascend from this land into the land which he swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” (Genesis 50, 23)

  • And when he had made them swear and had said, “God will visit you; carry my bones with you from this place,” (Genesis 50, 24)

  • Also, Moses took the bones of Joseph with him, because he had sworn to the sons of Israel, saying: “God will visit you. Carry my bones away from here with you.” (Exodus 13, 19)

  • But as for you, go and lead this people where I have told you. My angel will go before you. Then, on the day of retribution, I will also visit this sin of theirs.” (Exodus 32, 34)

  • and by which the land has been polluted. I will visit the wickedness of the land, so that it may vomit out its inhabitants. (Leviticus 18, 25)

  • then I also will do these things to you. I will quickly visit you with destitution, and burning heat, which will waste away your eyes, and consume your lives. In vain will you sow your seed, which will be devoured by your enemies. (Leviticus 26, 16)

  • Then, after some time, when the days of the wheat harvest were near, Samson arrived, intending to visit his wife, and he brought her a kid from the goats. And when he wanted to enter her bedroom, as usual, her father prohibited him, saying: (Judges 15, 1)

  • And you shall carry these ten little cheeses to the tribune. And visit your brothers, to see if they are doing well. And learn with whom they have been stationed.” (1 Samuel 17, 18)

  • And Jonadab said to him: “Lie down upon your bed, and feign sickness. And when your father will come to visit you, say to him: ‘I ask you to let my sister Tamar come to me, so that she may give me food, and may make a small meal, so that I may eat it from her hand.’ ” (2 Samuel 13, 5)

  • And so, Amnon lay down, and he began to act as if he were ill. And when the king had come to visit him, Amnon said to the king, “I beg you to let my sister Tamar come to me, and make in my sight two little portions of food, so that I take it from her hand.” (2 Samuel 13, 6)

  • And he turned back, so that he might be cured at Jezreel. For the Syrians had wounded him at Ramoth, fighting against Hazael, the king of Syria. Then Ahaziah, the son of Jehoram, the king of Judah, descended to visit Joram, the son of Ahab, at Jezreel, because he was sick there. (2 Kings 8, 29)

  • And he climbed up and set out for Jezreel, because Joram was sick there, and Ahaziah, the king of Judah, had gone down to visit Joram. (2 Kings 9, 16)

“Se você fala das próprias virtudes para se exibir ou para vã ostentação perde todo o mérito.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina