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  • And I will utterly ruin your land, and your enemies shall be stupefied at it, when they will have become its inhabitants. (Leviticus 26, 32)

  • And may you be stupefied at the terror of the things your eyes will see. (Deuteronomy 28, 34)

  • And a miracle occurred in the camp, out in the fields. And all of the people of their garrison, who had gone out in order to plunder, were stupefied. And the earth trembled. And it happened as a miracle from God. (1 Samuel 14, 15)

  • And Saul and all the Israelites, hearing these words of the Philistine in this manner, were stupefied and exceedingly afraid. (1 Samuel 17, 11)

  • And this house will become an example: anyone who passes by it will be stupefied, and he will hiss and say, ‘Why has the Lord acted in this way to this land and to this house?’ (1 Kings 9, 8)

  • I have slept, and I have been stupefied. But I awakened because the Lord has taken me up. (Psalms 3, 6)

  • They have passed through in haste; Geba is our seat; Ramah was stupefied; Gibeah of Saul fled. (Isaiah 10, 29)

  • Writhing and pain will seize them. They will be in pain, like a woman in labor. Each one will appear stupefied to his neighbor. Their countenances will be like faces which have been burned up. (Isaiah 13, 8)

  • In that day, Egypt will be like women, and they will be stupefied and fearful before the presence of the shaking hand of the Lord of hosts, the hand which he will move over them. (Isaiah 19, 16)

  • My heart withered. The darkness stupefied me. Babylon, my beloved, has become a wonder to me. (Isaiah 21, 4)

  • Be stupefied and in wonder! Shake and quiver! Be inebriated, but not from wine! Stagger, but not from drunkenness! (Isaiah 29, 9)

  • Be stupefied, you opulent women! Be disturbed, O confident ones! Strip yourselves, and be confounded; gird yourselves at the waist. (Isaiah 32, 11)

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