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  • The southern part shall begin from the wilderness of Sin, which is next to Edom, and it shall have the Sea of Salt as a limit to the east. (Numbers 34, 3)

  • And its limits shall go around from Azmon to the Torrent of Egypt, and shall end at the shore of the Great Sea. (Numbers 34, 5)

  • Then the western region shall begin from the Great Sea, and the same shall be its end. (Numbers 34, 6)

  • Furthermore, toward the northern region, its limits shall begin from the Great Sea, passing through even to the highest mountain. (Numbers 34, 7)

  • And from Shepham, the boundaries shall descend into Riblah, opposite the fountain of Daphnis. From there, the boundaries shall pass through, opposite the east, to the Sea of Chinnereth, (Numbers 34, 11)

  • and shall extend as far as the Jordan, and, at the furthest extent, shall be enclosed by the Sea of Salt. You shall have this land, with its borders all around.” (Numbers 34, 12)

  • Facing the east, there shall be two thousand cubits, and facing the south, similarly, there shall be two thousand cubits. Toward the sea, also, which looks out toward the west, there shall be the same measure, and the northern region shall be bounded by equal limits. And the cities shall be in the center, and the suburbs shall be outside. (Numbers 35, 5)

  • These are the words which Moses spoke to all of Israel, across the Jordan, in the plain of the wilderness opposite the Red Sea, between Paran and Tophel and Laban and Hazeroth, where gold is very plentiful, (Deuteronomy 1, 1)

  • Turn back and go to the mountain of the Amorites, and to the other places which are near it: the plains as well as the mountainous regions, and the low-lying places opposite the south and along the shore of the sea, the land of the Canaanites, and Lebanon, as far as the great river Euphrates.’ (Deuteronomy 1, 7)

  • But as for you, turn back and go out to the wilderness, by way of the Red Sea.’ (Deuteronomy 1, 40)

  • “And setting out from there, we arrived at the wilderness which leads to the Red Sea, just as the Lord had spoken to me. And we encompassed Mount Seir for a long time. (Deuteronomy 2, 1)

  • and the plain of the wilderness, as well as the Jordan, and the borders of Chinnereth, all the way to the sea of the desert, which is very salty, to the base of Mount Pisgah toward the east. (Deuteronomy 3, 17)

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