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  • You shall also make a lampstand, formed from the finest gold, along with its stem and arms, its bowl and little spheres, as well as the lilies proceeding from it. (Exodus 25, 31)

  • Then, in the lampstand itself, there shall be four bowls, the size of nuts, and each with little spheres and lilies. (Exodus 25, 34)

  • You shall also make seven lamps, and you shall place them upon the lampstand, so that they may give light in every direction. (Exodus 25, 37)

  • And the table shall be outside the veil. And opposite the table shall be the lampstand, in the meridian of the tabernacle. For the table shall stand at the north side. (Exodus 26, 35)

  • and the table with its vessels, and the lampstand and it utensils, the altars of incense (Exodus 30, 27)

  • and the table and its vessels, the most pure lampstand with its vessels, and the altars of incense (Exodus 31, 8)

  • the lampstand to hold up the lights, its vessels and lamps, and the oil to the nourish the fire, (Exodus 35, 14)

  • He also made the lampstand, formed from the finest gold. The branches, bowls, and little spheres, as well as the lilies, proceeded from its bar: (Exodus 37, 17)

  • Three bowls, the size of a nut, were on each branch, with little spheres and lilies, and three bowls, in the likeness of a nut, were on the other branch, with the little spheres together with the lilies. The workmanship of the six branches, which proceeded from the shaft of the lampstand, was equal. (Exodus 37, 19)

  • The lampstand with all its vessels weighed a talent of gold. (Exodus 37, 24)

  • the lampstand, the lamps, and their utensils with the oil, (Exodus 39, 36)

  • And having brought in the table, you shall place the things which were solemnly commanded upon it. The lampstand shall stand with its lamps, (Exodus 40, 4)

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