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  • Therefore, Noah did all things just as the Lord had commanded him. (Genesis 7, 5)

  • And the sons of Israel did just as they were commanded. And Joseph gave them wagons, according to the command of Pharaoh, and provisions for the journey. (Genesis 45, 21)

  • And Moses explained to Aaron all the words of the Lord, by which he had sent him, and the signs which he had commanded. (Exodus 4, 28)

  • Straw is not given to us, and yet the same amount of bricks is commanded. So we, your servants, are cut up by scourging, and injustice is done against your people.” (Exodus 5, 16)

  • And so Moses and Aaron entered to Pharaoh, and they did just as the Lord had commanded. And Aaron took the staff in the sight of Pharaoh and his servants, and it was turned into a snake. (Exodus 7, 10)

  • Moses went, and calling together those greater by birth among the people, he set forth all the words which the Lord had commanded. (Exodus 19, 7)

  • And Moses said to the Lord: “The people are not able to ascend to Mount Sinai. For you testified, and you commanded, saying: ‘Set limits around the mountain, and sanctify it.’ ” (Exodus 19, 23)

  • And the people did what he had commanded, carrying the earrings to Aaron. (Exodus 32, 3)

  • But when he entered to the Lord and was speaking with him, he took it off, until he exited. And then he spoke to the sons of Israel all that had been commanded to him. (Exodus 34, 34)

  • And whoever among you is wise, let him come and make what the Lord has commanded: (Exodus 35, 10)

  • the hanging at the entrance of the atrium, and their little cords and pegs. Nothing was lacking of the articles that were commanded to be made for the ministry of the tabernacle and for the covering of the covenant. (Exodus 39, 40)

  • And having brought in the table, you shall place the things which were solemnly commanded upon it. The lampstand shall stand with its lamps, (Exodus 40, 4)

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