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  • The Lord God also made for Adam and his wife garments from skins, and he clothed them. (Genesis 3, 21)

  • And she clothed him with the very fine garments of Esau, which she had at home with her. (Genesis 27, 15)

  • And tearing his garments, he was clothed in haircloth, mourning his son for a long time. (Genesis 37, 34)

  • And she arose and went away. And storing away the garments that she had taken up, she was clothed in the garments of her widowhood. (Genesis 38, 19)

  • And he took the ring from his own hand, and he gave it into his hand. And he clothed him with a robe of fine linen, and he placed a necklace of gold around his neck. (Genesis 41, 42)

  • All the columns surrounding the atrium shall be clothed with layers of silver, with silver heads, and with bases of brass. (Exodus 27, 17)

  • Now Bezalel also made the ark from setim wood, having two and one half cubits in length, and one and one half cubits in width, and the height was also one and one half cubits. And he clothed it with the purest gold, inside and out. (Exodus 37, 1)

  • Likewise, he made bars from setim wood, which he clothed with gold, (Exodus 37, 4)

  • And he clothed it with the purest gold, with its grating, as well as the sides and the horns. (Exodus 37, 26)

  • But from one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, he made the heads of the columns, which he also clothed with silver. (Exodus 38, 28)

  • Truly, from hyacinth and purple, vermillion and fine linen, he made the vestments with which Aaron was clothed when he ministered in the holy places, just as the Lord instructed Moses. (Exodus 39, 1)

  • he shall strip off his former vestments, and being clothed with others, he shall carry them beyond the camp, and he shall cause them to be consumed, even to glowing embers, in a very clean place. (Leviticus 6, 11)

“Resigna-te a ser neste momento uma pequena abelha. E enquanto esperas ser uma grande abelha, ágil, hábil, capaz de fabricar bom mel, humilha-te com muito amor perante Deus e os homens, pois Deus fala aos que se mantêm diante dele humildemente”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina