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  • For what reason did you claim her to be your sister, so that I would take her to me as a wife? Now therefore, behold your mate, receive her and go.” (Genesis 12, 19)

  • And summoning him, he said: “It is clear that she is your wife. Why did you falsely claim her to be your sister?” He answered, “I was afraid, lest I might die because of her.” (Genesis 26, 9)

  • And Judah said to him, “What could we answer to my lord? And what would we be able to say, or to justly claim? God has discovered the iniquity of your servants. See, we have all become servants to my lord, both we, and he with whom the cup was found.” (Genesis 44, 16)

  • Was the reason that he caused you and all your brothers, the sons of Levi, to approach him, so that you would even claim for yourselves the priesthood too, (Numbers 16, 10)

  • And though he has lived in Heshbon, and its villages, and in Aroer, and its villages, and in all the cities near the Jordan for three hundred years, why have you, for such long a time, put forward nothing about this claim? (Judges 11, 26)

  • And furthermore, if you consider your prophecy to be true, do not let your countenance fall, and let the paleness that has taken hold of your face depart from you, if you claim that these my words cannot be fulfilled. (Judith 6, 5)

  • And you shall add to yourselves all who observe the law, and you shall claim the vindication of your people. (1 Maccabees 2, 67)

  • In truth, since we have the opportunity, we claim the inheritance of our fathers. (1 Maccabees 15, 34)

  • And I understood that man is able to find no explanation for all those works of God which are done under the sun. And so, the more that he labors to seek, so much the less does he find. Yes, even if a wise man were to claim that he knows, he would not be able to discover it. (Ecclesiastes 8, 17)

  • You should not repeat a claim heard from the revealing of a hidden word. And then, truly, you will be without shame, and you will find favor in the sight of all men. You should not accept the reputation of someone, so that you would sin, nor should you be confounded in any of the following things: (Ecclesiasticus 42, 1)

  • Why are you striving to claim that your way is good, as if to seek my love, when all the while you are also displaying your malice by your own way, (Jeremiah 2, 33)

  • For thus says the Lord of hosts: “Cut down her trees, and build a rampart around Jerusalem. This is the city of visitation! Every kind of false claim is in her midst. (Jeremiah 6, 6)

“Quando a videira se separa da estaca que a sustenta, cai, e ao ficar na terra apodrece com todos os cachos que possui. Alerta, portanto, o demônio não dorme!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina