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  • that she said: “Blessed is your name, O God of our fathers, who, though you had been angry, will show mercy. And in time of tribulation, you dismiss the sins of those who call upon you. (Tobit 3, 13)

  • For almsgiving delivers from death, and the same is what purges sins and makes one able to find mercy and everlasting life. (Tobit 12, 9)

  • We call to witness this day heaven and earth, and the God of our fathers, who takes vengeance upon us according to our sins, so that now you may deliver the city into the hand of the military of Holofernes. And may our end be brief, by the edge of the sword, that would be made longer by the dryness of thirst.” (Judith 7, 17)

  • For we have not followed the sins of our fathers, who abandoned their God in order to worship strange gods. (Judith 8, 18)

  • But, in considering these same sufferings to be less than our sins deserve, let us believe that the scourges of the Lord, by which we are corrected like servants, have occurred for our improvement and not for our destruction.” (Judith 8, 27)

  • For it is agreed that our God is so offended with sins that he has commanded, through his prophets to the people, that he will deliver them up for their sins. (Judith 11, 8)

  • And he will tell me when he will repay them for their sins, and I will return and announce it to you, so that I may bring you through the midst of Jerusalem, and you will hold all the people of Israel, like sheep that have no shepherd, and there will not be so much as one dog that barks against you. (Judith 11, 15)

  • I wish that my sins, for which I deserve wrath, and the calamity that I endure, were weighed out on a balance. (Job 6, 2)

  • How many iniquities and sins do I have? Reveal my crimes and offenses to me. (Job 13, 23)

  • For you write bitter things against me, and you want to consume me for the sins of my youth. (Job 13, 26)

  • Indeed, you have numbered my steps, but you have been lenient with my sins. (Job 14, 16)

  • He causes a hypocritical man to reign because of the sins of the people. (Job 34, 30)

“Enquanto estivermos vivos sempre seremos tentados. A vida é uma contínua luta. Se às vezes há uma trégua é para respirarmos um pouco.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina