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  • So then, tomorrow, at this same hour, I will rain down exceedingly great hail, such as has not been in Egypt from the day that it was founded, even until this present time. (Exodus 9, 18)

  • and over the filth of the afterbirth, which goes forth from between her thighs, and over the children who are born in the same hour. For they will eat them secretly, due to the scarcity of all things during the siege and the devastation, with which your enemy will oppress you within your gates. (Deuteronomy 28, 57)

  • And the Lord said to Joshua: “You should not fear them. For tomorrow, at this same hour, I will deliver all these to be wounded in the sight of Israel. You will hamstring their horses, and you will burn their chariots with fire.” (Joshua 11, 6)

  • “Tomorrow, at the same hour that it is now, I will send to you a man from the land of Benjamin. And you shall anoint him to be the leader over my people Israel. And he will save my people from the hand of the Philistines. For I have looked with favor upon my people, because their outcry has reached me.” (1 Samuel 9, 16)

  • And so Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, “May the gods to these things, and may they add these other things, if by this hour tomorrow I will not have made your life like the life of one of them.” (1 Kings 19, 2)

  • Therefore, tomorrow, at this same hour, I will send my servants to you, and they will search your house and the houses of your servants. And all that pleases them, they will put in their hands and take away.” (1 Kings 20, 6)

  • he said to her, “At this time, and at this same hour, with life as a companion, you will have a son in your womb.” But she responded, “Do not, I ask you, my lord, a man of God, do not be willing to lie to your handmaid.” (2 Kings 4, 16)

  • And the woman conceived. And she bore a son, in the time and at the same hour as Elisha had said. (2 Kings 4, 17)

  • Then he again wrote letters to them a second time, saying: “If you are mine, and if you obey me, take the heads of the sons of your lord, and come to me at Jezreel at this same hour tomorrow.” Now the sons of the king, being seventy men, were being raised with the nobles of the city. (2 Kings 10, 6)

  • And about half an hour passed, and then a white film began to come out of his eyes, like the membrane of an egg. (Tobit 11, 14)

  • But, in the hour of his death, he called to himself his son Tobias, along with his sons, the seven youths who were his grandsons, and he said to them: (Tobit 14, 5)

  • But so that you may know that you will experience these things together with them, behold, from this hour you will be associated with their people, so that, when they receive the punishment that they deserve from my sword, you will fall under the same vengeance.” (Judith 6, 6)

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