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  • And let the fear and trembling of you be upon all the animals of the earth, and upon all the birds of the air, along with all that moves across the earth. All the fish of the sea have been delivered into your hand. (Genesis 9, 2)

  • And everything that moves and lives will be food for you. Just as with the edible plants, I have delivered them all to you, (Genesis 9, 3)

  • Leah, perceiving that she had desisted from child-bearing, delivered Zilpah, her handmaid, to her husband. (Genesis 30, 9)

  • And on that day he separated the she-goats, and the sheep, and the he-goats, and the rams with variegations or with blemishes. But every one of the flock which was of one color, that is, of white or of black fleece, he delivered into the hands of his sons. (Genesis 30, 35)

  • And having delivered over all the things that belonged to him, (Genesis 32, 23)

  • And Joseph found favor in the sight of his lord, and he ministered to him. And, having been placed in charge of everything by him, he governed the house that was entrusted to him and all the things that had been delivered to him. (Genesis 39, 4)

  • And without consenting at all to the wicked act, he said to her: “Behold, my lord has delivered all things to me, and he does not know what he has in his own house. (Genesis 39, 8)

  • Neither is there anything which is not in my power, or that he has not delivered to me, except you, for you are his wife. How then can I do this evil act and sin against my God?” (Genesis 39, 9)

  • And he delivered Joseph into prison, where the prisoners of the king were kept, and he was enclosed in that place. (Genesis 39, 20)

  • who delivered into his hand all the prisoners who were held in custody. And whatever was done, was under him. (Genesis 39, 22)

  • But the keeper of the prison delivered them to Joseph, who ministered to them also. Some little time passed by, while they were held in custody. (Genesis 40, 4)

  • After this, there will follow another seven years, of such great barrenness that all the former abundance will be delivered into oblivion. For the famine will consume all the land, (Genesis 41, 30)

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