1. The fool says in his heart, "God does not exist." All have strayed, all are perverted, there is no one who does good.

2. The Lord looks down from heaven upon the race of Adam, to see if there are any who seek God and act wisely.

3. They have all turned aside: corrupt - all of them alike.

4. Will they ever learn - these doers of evil? For they devour my people, - that is their food - and do not call upon the Lord.

5. But suddenly terror strikes them: God was on the side of the just!

6. You may confound the hope of the poor, but the Lord is their refuge.

7. Oh would that I see Israel's salvation coming from Zion! When the Lord brings home the exiles, what joy it will be for Jacob, what happiness for Israel!

“Você deve ter sempre prudência e amor. A prudência tem olhos; o amor tem pernas. O amor, como tem pernas, gostaria de correr a Deus. Mas seu impulso de deslanchar na direção dEle é cego e, algumas vezes, pode tropeçar se não for guiado pela prudência, que tem olhos.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina